Guide the client in establishing program requirements best suited to provide a well-designed, qualtiy and workable project that meets the client's needs and desires.

Provide a close, personal working relationship with the client, one-on-one attention, providing advise and guidance.

Provide well-detailed construction documents to maintain the clients desires and allow ease of construction to accomplish the desired end product.

Our designs reflect the desires of our clients, each is unique while retaining a timeless quality.


Barrey Robles was educated at the University of Southern California.  Worked as a Project Director at Welton Becket Associates and Arnold-Scribner Associates.  Was a Principal at WZMH Group, Inc.

Liaf Robles was educated at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and has a Masters of City Planning from San Diego State University.  Worked for John Robert Henderson, AIA and Charles Mistretta, PE-Mechanical Engineer.
Barrey and Liaf Robles established our firm in 1987.  Over the years our firm has designed over 200 projects in all areas of construction.  Some of our projects have been featured in magazines, such as Designers West and Valley Magazine.  One of our projects was featured in a IFDA Showcase and won awards in Child Safety.  Another of our proejcts was featured on Bob Vila's "Home Again" TV series.